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Finding Freedom Through Art

Theresa was interviewed on The Vagina Chronicles Podcast in February. She talks about how she finds freedom through her art.

We all find ways to cope with the things in our lives that we cannot control; especially as children, we escape into the safer worlds of our imaginations. This ability to create our own reality appears in many forms, as unique to each of us as a fingerprint, as freeing as an open door.

As a child, Theresa Cates found her freedom in a pencil… and then in a paintbrush. Theresa turned her abuse into a way to connect with others and help them to heal through art. With her live performance art company, Majestic Motions, Theresa takes the audience on a journey of truth and forgiveness. Her art is truly beautiful and powerful.

In this episode, you will be inspired to use your gift as a catalyst for peace and personal freedom.

No matter what your special power is, let it shine!

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