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Majestic Motions ~ Art in Motion

What is Art in Motion?

To hear the testimony behind Theresa’s art is one thing, but to see it enacted live is another! Majestic Motions Art is her company that consists of a spoken word, dance, and a mime performance of her emotional story while Theresa herself creates a painting live on stage. The performance delves into her childhood and how she first picked up her pencil to draw. It is truly something you have to see to believe...

It begins with Theresa standing in front of a blank canvas, poised to create her signature painting. As her brush begins to move across the cloth, a voice tells her story.

“A six‐month‐old baby girl plays in the middle of the floor, trying to learn to crawl. Moments later, Daddy comes home. Not proud to see his baby girl learning to crawl, he kicks her out of his path. That same little girl, at the age of four, learns how to play hide‐and‐seek with her siblings, not as a game, but as a way to escape being caught and beaten by her alcoholic father.

As soon as he left I would run to my mother's side. I would always find her crying on the restroom floor, and I would sit next to her and try to console her. In return, she would pull a tissue from her robe and say, “Go find a pencil.” Together we would create stick‐figure drawings on each little square.”

The speaker continues while Theresa paints. A woman enters wearing a beautiful red dress symbolizing the soon-to-be finished work of art. The woman dances, adding a new layer of emotion and art to the performance. As her dance ends, Theresa puts down her brush. Her work of art is finished, but the performance continues.

Another dancer arrives, evoking the emotion behind the painting. The finale is a mime performance of a song titled, ‘My Testimony.’ The entire performance runs the gamut of emotions, empathy and sorrow, but the mime will leave the audience awash with gratitude. Theresa’s story is one of abuse transcending into her creation of paintings of praise; Paintings that are applicable to the pain and testimony of others. "My Testimony" ends with the line, "In spite of calamity, He still has a plan for me. It's working for good," leaving the audience with a feeling of healing.

The painting now stands alone in front of the crowd, as if to speak to each person, a unique story for everyone in the room.

If you'd like to learn more about the Majestic Motions - Art in Motion Ministry, please visit:

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