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10th Annual Delta Visual Arts Show! Don't Miss It!

I am getting SO excited! There are only 16 days til the art show! I hope you all will come out and join us. There will be something for everyone... even the kids!

The 10th Annual Delta Visual Arts Show will bring 210 visual artists, 25 authors and 10 musicians together in downtown Newport, Arkansas for a celebration of talent, skill and creativity. Come look at visual art, read/listen to literary art and dance/listen to musical art. The best part is you can buy what you really like and take it home!

Tons of Kid's Activities will be held at the Delta Visual Arts Show in downtown Newport, Arkansas on February 24th! Bring your children for a day full of fun, art, music and children's literature. Check out the schedule!

Children of the Delta Arts Contest – First United Methodist - 10 am to 4 pm Children’s Book Reading, “Who Will Love Me,” Britt Coleman – First Baptist Upstairs – 10 am Rockin’ Painting Performance, Maggie Maddison – Frankie’s Place – 10:30 am Sculpting with Clay, Joe Martin (Ages 4-8) – First United Methodist – 10:30 am Children’s Book Reading, Various Books, Rebecca Ivy Gorrell – First Baptist Upstairs – 10:30 am Children’s Reading, “I Want to Ride a Hippopotamus,” Donna Nelson – First Baptist – 10 am Charcoal Drawing, Kristin McLaughlin (Ages 4-8) – First United Methodist – 11:30 am Children’s Book Reading, “Olivia’s Gloomy Day,” Bonnie Best – First Baptist Upstairs – 11:30 am Children’s Book Reading, “Brave Buster,” Martha Rodriquez – First Baptist Upstairs – 1 pm Finding Images, Stacy Cox (Photography Ages 9-13) – First United Methodist – 1:15 pm The Artist Paintbrush, Julie Reardon (Ages 9-13) – First United Methodist – 2:30 pm Rockin’ Painting Performance, Maggie Maddison – Frankie’s Place – 5 pm Art Train Ride - Around Downtown Newport - 10 am - 4 pm

Literary Fun at the Delta Visual Arts Show

Authors will be reading, selling and signing their books at the Delta Visual Arts Show! Children's literature, women's fiction, historical fiction, autobiographies, personal journeys and much more all discussed by the people who made the stories come to life. Fun and learning for all ages! Check out the complete schedule of readings and presentations. Children's Book Reading- "Who Will Love Me" by Brittany Danielle Coleman - 10 am Children's Book Reading - Various Titles by Rebecca Ann Ivy Gorrell - 10:30 am Southern Romance Reading - "Unwilling" by K. D. Wood - 10:30 am Children's Book Reading - "I Want to Ride a Hippopotamus" by Donna Hensley Nelson - 11 am Contemporary Romance Reading - "Colorado's Choice" by Kathy Parish - 11 am Children's Book Reading - "Olivia's Gloomy Day" by Bonnie Best - 11:30 am Adult Romance Reading - "In It to Win It" by Lisa Huffman - 11:30 am Children's Book Reading - "Brave Buster" by Martha Rodriquez - 1 pm Historical Fiction Reading - "Bone by Bone" by Paula Martin - 1 pm Personal Journey with Grief Reading - "When Tomorrow Starts Without Me" by Lori Plegge - 1:30 pm Young Adult Romance Reading - "Becoming Charlie" by K. S. Haigwood - 1:30 pm Women's Fiction Reading - "Pupcakes" by Annie England Noblin - 2 pm Mystery Fiction Reading - "Who Killed Norma Jean?" by Sue Cullins Wall - 2 pm Personal Journey with Anxiety Reading - "Dear Best Friend" by Ashley Berry - 2:30 pm True Crime Reading - "Witches in West Memphis" by George Jared - 2:30 pm Personal Journey with Emotions Reading - "Buttermilk and Mudbaths" by Sadie H. Jones - 3 pm Historical Non-Fiction - "The Circle: Coping with Integrated Life at Arkansas State University, in the Community and at Home, 1970-1979" by Richard Hartness, Sr. - 3 pm Personal Journey finding Life - "When the Tables Turn" by Latasha Wakefield-Robinson - 3:30 pm Personal Journey through Politics and Economic Forces - "Underwater Panther" by Angie Macri - 3:30 pm Historical Fiction - "The Dream of Shiloh" by Patricia Blake - 4 pm Historical Non-Fiction World War II - "Back to Bremen" by Cecelia Wilson - 4 pm Personal Pilgrimage - "Pilgrim Strong: Rewriting My Story on the Way of St. James" by Steve Watkins - 4:30 pm Historical Autobiography - "Clipped Wings" by Corinna Montgomery - 4:30 pm All readings will be upstairs in the First Baptist Church Family Life Center

Music at the Delta Visual Arts Show

This year Live Music is being added to the Delta Visual Arts Show. The musicians will be performing at Frankie's Place on Front Street in downtown Newport, Arkansas on February 24th from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Check out the schedule!

Rockin' Painting Performance by Maggie Maddison - 10:30 am Jazz Saxophone by Nancy Browning - 11:00 am Folk & Native American Music by Dennis Coop - 12:00 pm Folk Music by Harold McMickle - 1:00 pm Grateful Dead Impressions by Kevin Smith - 2:00 pm Ozark Folk Center Male Performer of the Year, Dave Smith - 3:00 pm Country Western and Classic Rock by Revolution - 4:00 pm Rockin' Painting Performance by Maggie Maddison - 5:00 pm

Don't miss the fun at Frankie's Place!

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