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Behind the Canvas

Theresa Cates is a North Little Rock, Arkansas native that is celebrated nationally as one of America’s most significant Cultural Artist.  Her body of work shows the beauty, heritage, and nuisances of her culture, and captivates the viewer by allowing them to peek into the soul of her canvas subjects.   Theresa’s creations are truly Works of Art! Cates paintings were described by one recipient as ‘Spiritual Gifts birthed through Theresa’s soul’! 

"I remember being in elementary school, sitting at my desk waiting for my teacher to place the manila sheet of paper in front of me. It was just like a new toy that I couldn't wait to get my hands on, and I could play with it all day long and never get tired. 


Being in art class throughout high school gave me a way of escaping and expressing myself on paper. At the time, I didn’t realize this form of expression was turning into a necessary therapeutic session for me  because of abuse that I had endured as a child. 

Not having any formal training, I developed my own style. I would sit on the floor to paint with my canvas pulled close to me, and while creating each piece I find myself having to look at it from all directions. I know I must feel each piece to convey what's inside of me; and once I'm finished, a relationship has been established and I have completed what I set out to do. I don't just want my paintings to be beautiful, I want them to set the atmosphere of wherever they are placed. Faith, joy, color, and soul are the core of my paintings; these are what I believe to be the medicines of life"

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